Outsource your tasks

And grow your business as a result

Online and technical experience where it counts

I’ve been using computers since the early 80’s and have been online since before the World Wide Web came into existence. Technology comes easy to me and has helped position me to where I can help you.

Get your time back

Nothing is more valuable to you than your time and it’s my job to give some of it back. Whether it’s a little or a lot, we can work together.

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WordPress management

From scheduling posts to maintaining plugins and responding to comments you can rest easy knowing your site is taken care of.

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Privacy • Security • Flexibility

Your plans, strategies and account credentials will never be shared. I ‘m also equiped to work remotely allowing me to respond quickly as needed.

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Podcast post production

You want your message out and I can ensure that your episodes get published on time and to all of the major podcast directories.

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Get your time back

In the day-to-day course of running and growing your online business it always seemed like your pressed for time.

While you can’t stop the clock, you can get some of your time back by delegating tasks releasing you to work on your business instead of mostly in it.

Platforms I’ve worked with

I’m proficient on both Apple and Windows computers as well as both iOS and Android mobile devices and have used a plethora of online tools only some of which are highlighted below. Even if I haven’t used a particular tool yet I’m confident that I can be up and running on it in no time at all.

All of which means that I can meet your needs to get the work you need done.

WordPress management

I’ve been working with WordPress for more than 10 years buiding, maintaining and growing sites. I have the experience and skills to maintain your site to help establish and grow your brand.

Security first

If your site isn’t as secure as it can be then it’s just a matter of time before its hacked. Let’s ensure that never happens.

Grow your brand

If you build it he will come” may work in the movies but it takes more than that online. Let’s work to spread the word.

Timely relevant content

WordPress excels at allowing you to schedule posts and promote popular content. Let’s work to keep it fresh.

The man behind the curtain

The WordPress backend is incredibly useful and powerful. It will allow us to work together keeping things smooth.

Speed kills

Or lack of it does. If your pages load slow then people will leave. Let’s take steps to keep it fast and your visitors happy.

Responsive Design

If your site isn’t responsive then mobile users struggle to browse it. Worse yet, Google will rank you lower. Let’s fix that.

Privacy • Security • Flexibility

Access to your process and systems is a closely guarded secret as it should be. Any work I do for you remains confidential and is protected by best practices regarding password management.

I’m set up and comfortable working remotely and from various platforms as needed to get the tasks you need done on time.

Mobile platform equipped 

I can work from a smartphone or tablet as needed as well as test how your site looks and works when browsing from a variety of devices.

Operating system flexibility

I use a Mac as my primary desktop computer but have a Windows 10 PC as well. I’ve used both platforms for years and am comfortable on either.

End user approach

I like to put myself in a users shoes which allows me to see things from a different perspective. Doing so helps to see issues before they arise.

Podcast post production

You’ve got a message to share and getting it produced and out to your fans takes time. Part of that workflow involves packaging and publishing your episodes. I can add relevant MP3 tags, upload your episode and schedule it to publish on time.

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