What does an item do for you?

January 7, 2018 Selling 0

Whenever we shop for a new item or service it’s all too easy to get caught up into the hype about how great an item is or what features it has. While those points can grab our attention and perhaps whet our appetite for more it’s not what actually matters.

What really matters when it comes to any item or service you put your hard earned money down on is what it can do for you.

Does it free up your time? Does it make dinner easier to cook? Will it attract a mate? While each of these questions may apply to different products the end result is the same. We’re looking for something to make our life easier in one fashion or another and as long as you keep that in mind whenever you shop then you’ll find it.

Once you’ve identified a need in your life then consider the following points before you start to look.

  • Do I need it?
    Is it something you truly need to solve a problem you have in your day to day life? Or is it merely a ‘want’? That said, wanting something is fine and as long as it’s within your budget to buy it then it’s generally okay to seek it out.
  • Will I use it regularly?
    If the item you purchased won’t be used past the initial honeymoon phase of ownership then it’s cost will grow over time as it’s now a part of your life which costs you to maintain it, insure it, protect it from theft and otherwise maintain space for it.
  • Can I afford it?
    Only you can answer this question of course but the trick is to avoid talking yourself into spending the money if you actually shouldn’t. Justification is tricky as it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of tipping the scales to get it when it’s really just a want and not a need.